Wheatcraft Design Portfolio

Below are examples of our work with past and present clients. Projects we work on include full website redesign, custom page design, and custom module development. Your website could be featured next!

GreenFeet Lawncare

FULL WEBSITE design and development
Greenfeet Lawncare's website needed the same level of attention and care that they give their client's yards, so they came to Wheatcraft Design for help. The site was outdated and needed reorganization, SEO improvements, and a design face-lift. We worked with them on a mid level package to organize their information architecture, redesign their core pages, and provide templates to allow for future expansion.


agile development
Ansible is a fast growing software company, recently acquired by Red Hat, that needed HubSpot developers that could keep up with their rate of expansion and improvement. Part of the challenge they faced was implementing many custom modules across the site. They needed easily customizable pages without affecting existing areas of the site. Wheatcraft Design helped Ansible roll out a brand new website design in multiple stages and has had an ongoing relationship since January 2015. We look forward to continuing to help Ansible grow rapidly.

Artillery Marketing

Custom Home Page and Template Pack
Artillery Marketing is a HubSpot partner agency that needed to update their website style, but was too busy with their client work to do it themselves. Wheatcraft Design set them up with a custom home page and updated template pack to switch over their content to a fresh, modern feel.


Custom Design & development
Koupon needed to build out a Knowledge Center built in HubSpot so that their marketing team could easily update it with new articles. They also wanted to be able to manually add featured documents. Wheatcraft Design worked with Koupon to design a blog solution with customized functionality and an aesthetic to match the rest of their externally hosted website.


FULL WEBSITE design and development
N2Net needed consulting and a full website overhaul to stay relevant and compete in an increasingly tough market. Wheatcraft Design was able to help N2Net strategize, design, and build their new site, while staying within budget. We're happy to say that they're now expanding again and we look forward to future phases of work!


Custom Design & development
As an interactive media agency, StringCan put a lot of emphasis on their Portfolio. They wanted advanced functionality without having to worry about coding, and Wheatcraft Design was able to design and develop a good looking and easy to use solution. We have also helped fix and update other areas of the site and look forward to future projects. StringCan was originally referred to us by our first ever retainer client, Traklight.