Sample Design Packages

All of our projects are individually quoted based on a well defined project scope. We'll work with you to fully understand your specific project goals and budget before finalizing a quote. With that in mind, we've included a couple of typical project scopes to get you in the right ballpark for pricing and timeline estimates.
Custom Template Starter Pack
Minimum recommendation for giving you a good base to start your website redesign
Limited consulting time (kick off call, occasional design/functionality reviews, but not extensive or ongoing phone time)

Design and build following templates:

  • Home Page
  • Blog Listing & Article Views (shared)
  • 3 customized internal layouts
  • 1 landing page (streamlined layout w/ form)
  • System and Email Preference pages
Limited scripting for base functionality
Templates for migration, negotiable additons (WD sets up the menu but client migrates own content)
HubSpot Support for go-live assistance
Typical timeline: 3-6 weeks
Design & Build
Standard package for most mid-sized website redesigns
Consulting for information architecture and SEO recommendations, plus regular check-in/strategy calls

Design and build following templates:

  • Home Page
  • Blog Listing & Article Views (can be different)
  • 5-10 customized internal layouts (e.g. Products, Services, Team, History, etc.)
  • 2-3 landing page designs
  • System and Email Preference pages

Custom modules for easy editing

  • Custom scripting for increased functionality and dynamic layouts
Migration of content up to 30 pages (provided by client, negotiable additions)
Go-live assistance as required
Typical timeline: 5-10 weeks
Full Website
Strategic input and dedicated support from start to finish
Extensive consulting time for information architecture setup, on-page SEO, strategy/design/functionality reviews, regular check-ins, availability on short notice 

Design and build following templates:

  • Home Page
  • Blog Listing & Article Views (customized views and integration of multiple blogs)
  • Up to 20 customized internal layouts (strategic design for each core page)
  • Up to 5 landing page designs (options for various offer types)
  • System and Email Preference pages
Extensive use of custom modules for easy editing

 •  Advanced scripting for customized use outside of normal HubSpot functionality

Migration of all content up to 200 pages (negotiable additions)
Thorough go-live assistance and extended support
Typical timeline: 8-12 weeks
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Have a special project in mind for your site that needs some custom design and/or functionality on the HubSpot COS? Let us know what you're looking to add and we can help you determine feasibility and the best approach for a custom solution.


For HubSpot Partners looking to partner with Wheatcraft Design to handle your COS design/development needs, we provide a 15% discount for partners that bring us work regularly through referral basis or white-labeling.


Have an in-house designer you'd like us to work with or designs ready to go? Send us your sitemap and PSD designs of what you want built, and we can provide you a quote for cost and timeline to get the job done right.